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Haris Operator

The basis of our solution is Haris OEE Operator, which is an mobile app using a BTLE accelerometer that moves in sync with your machine’s production cycles. Whether you are a manufacturer or operate an assembly-line regardless of the machine type, this industry 4.0 solution records every indication of a machine stop or loss of speed, giving you more insight and control over your productivity.

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It’s that simple

Physical sensors

We are utilising fundamentally cost effective wireless IIoT sensors

Production data

Mission critical efficiency data on the first day

Advanced analytics

AI assisted analytics for helping you making better decisions.

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Our goal is to be the leader of data-driven efficiency improvement solution providers for micro, small and mid-sized manufacturing companies. Our solution is best for…



React immediately on efficiency loss

  • Immediate downtime alerts from your priority machines (speed loss alerts coming soon)
  • Minimal installation time and adjustable sensitivity (escalation rules coming soon)
  • Affordable and suits to almost all production environments


Have the best insights in your plant

  • Perfect both for project use and for continuous OEE monitoring
  • Simple use allows you to engage Operators easily into efficiency improvement
  • No more papers and spreadsheets, but a single app


Deliver more improvement, faster

  • Focus on passing on your solutions rather than collect data on OEE problems
  • Reliable, accurate and sufficient efficiency insights at a low cost for your Client
  • Work with OEE loss reasons recorded directly on the floor

What our customers love the most

Keeping up with industry 4.0

Become one of the firsts adopting this revolutionary technology

OEE improvement like never before

Start to improve efficiency by killing downtimes first

Collecting data from sources it was not possible so far

Get precise data from old machines and manual assembly stations

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