Your manufacturing can be

It's that simple

Small physical sensors

We are utilising fundamentally cost
effective wireless IIoT sensors

Real-time monitoring

Mission critical efficiency data on the first day

Advanced analytics

AI assisted analytics for helping you making better decisions.

With Haris products you can

Digitalize manual assembling

You are operating elder machines with no PLCs. Or manual assembly stations. And still, want digital data. Now you can, even from a mix of equipment.

Scale without limits

No heavy investments, no hassle with annoying cabling. Just fix one more sensor on your next equipment and scale step by step.

Predict future down-time

We give you precise data about your current problems. While you are working on the improvement we are doing our part with the predictions.

Host on private servers

We are using state of the art technologies to protect your data. Should you still prefer running our solution within your walls - we are ready to support you in that too.

Collect important production data

Low efficiency hurts many ways: missed deliveries, low profit, melting competitiveness. Start industry 4.0 where it helps the most: Improving OEE.

Analyse big data

You got the max out of Haris Digital standard products, run at high OEE. Finding deeper correlations can move you further. Our Big Data services are there for you.

Meet Haris Operator

Jump into
Industry 4.0

The core of our solution is Haris OEE Operator, which is a mobile app operating a BTLE accelerometer that moves in sync with your machine, providing you with actionable data on the first day.

Starting from there you may build up an affordable, cable-free production monitoring system with AI-assisted analytics at your speed. No need for investment, our pay as you go model will follow your pace.

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Developed for industry


Our goal is to help any – even small – manufacturing company doing a better job improving productivity. For that we provide fast, cheap and reliable industry 4.0 data and analytics. Our solution is best for


React immediately on efficiency loss

  • Immediate downtime alerts from your priority machines (speed loss alerts coming soon)

  • Minimal installation time and adjustable sensitivity (escalation rules coming soon)

  • Affordable and suits to almost all production environments


Have the best insights in your plant

  • Perfect both for project use and for continuous OEE monitoring

  • Simple use allows you to engage Operators easily into efficiency improvement

  • No more papers and spreadsheets, but a single app


Deliver more improvement, faster

  • Focus on passing on your solutions rather than collect data on OEE problems

  • Reliable, accurate and sufficient efficiency insights at a low cost for your Client

  • Work with OEE loss reasons recorded directly on the floor

What our customers love the most

Keeping up with industry 4.0

Become one of the first adopting this revolutionary technology

OEE improvement like never before

Start to improve efficiency by killing downtimes first

Collecting data from sources it was not possible so far

Get precise data from old machines and manual assembly stations

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