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Offline mobile application for improvement project


Web application for
advanced analysis


Analytics from all your machines. Real time.

Enterprise Lite

Full scale solution
supported at your site
PricingFree forever29 EUR/month

(paid annually per devices)

49 EUR/month

(paid annually per devices)

Special pricing
Fast in app calibration
Automated Downtime Detection
Customizable reason codes
Easy set-up and reporting screens
In-app Downtime and Pareto
In-browser Downtime and Pareto
Operation-cycle charts
Accelerometer data charts
CSV, Excel, JSON exports data charts
Local server on demand
Mobile device independent data collection
Cycle time and pieces produced
Real time Andon system for
immediate anomalies intervention
Surveys7 survey templates, 7 run historiesUnlimited surveys and run historyUnlimited surveys and run historyUnlimited surveys and run history
Runs6 hours run per dayUnlimited runsUnlimited runsUnlimited runs
RunsE-mail supportOn-line supportOn-line supportOn-line support

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