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    Any (even old) machine with no, or limited PLC.

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    Automated machine or robot

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    Manual assembly operation that is otherwise difficult to digitalize.


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    Cost-effective sensor capturing movements & resonances. Can be installed in a minute.

  • 5

    Gateway. Streaming data from the BLE sensors to the GM, eliminating the permanent need/use of the smart device.

  • 6

    Haris GM. Cloud-based application collecting & processing Haris IIoT data.

  • 7

    Haris GM. Locally installed application collecting & processing Haris IIoT data. Data remains inside your factory.


  • 8

    Haris Operator App running on any smart device. Collecting sensor data immediately displaying production efficiency.

  • 9

    Haris Dashboard and AI assisted analytics for making better decisions.

  • 10

    MES integration for supporting your usual decisions relying on more accurate data.

  • 11

    ANDON screen. Real-time production & efficiency info on the shop floor for immediate reactions.

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