Digitize any production machine in 24 hours

You never could have imagined you would

Our industry 4.0 solution works equally well with injection moulding, press, CNC, packaging and sewing machines and many more.

React immediately

Mission-critical production data on day 1

Get mission-critical, AI-assisted production information in real time. Machine availability, cycle times and counts from your manufacturing floor visualized and displayed digitally.

Boost your production

to change the future for the good

Improve your manufacturing processes based on historical machine down-time and reason-code reports.

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It comes with

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AI-assisted production data in six easy steps

Delivered to your company in a couple of days at no extra cost.
Easy as installing a wi-fi router following the detailed instruction.
Lightning-fast on the spots we already identified for you.
Takes only that much for our AI algorithms to start predicting.
Want to be sure? Give us a confirmation that prediction is as accurate as a PLC.
Need more? Keep reading what else we have to offer.

Money Back Guarantee

We are confident enough to offer you a money-back guarantee for the technology and for precise machine downtime prediction.

Free shipping

We don’t want you wasting your precious time bothering with the shipment. We take care of that, as well as the cost of it.

No hidden fees

No hidden fees, no credit card details. You may pay directly with PayPal or can transfer the amount after speaking with our colleagues.

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