Collect and analyze

manufacturing data

Digitize your factory in just a few days to get an overview of your entire manufacturing process. Based on accurate, real-time data improve your OEE and maximize your competitiveness. Haris Digital’s affordable and scalable AI & IIoT driven solution will help you to get there.

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Monitor your manufacturing

Our wireless bluetooth sensors always provide accurate, real-time data streaming from any kind of machine.

Analyze and create reports

Our system collects and visualizes your key manufacturing metrics to provide actionable insights.

Prevent future downtimes

The system is getting smarter day-by-day. Our deep-level AI algorithms assist you in maximizing manifacturing outputs by predicting future machine downtimes.

Simple, yet

Just place our wireless sensor on your current machinery and start collecting real-time data immediately. Based on vibrations, our system learns whether your machines are operational. It also provides insights on how many pieces they have produced.

They already leveled up

Zsolt CsankTier 1 Automotive Supplier Manager of Production Planning and Production System
Tovább olvasom
We were looking for an alternative, easier to adopt and scale solution to connect the various PLCs of our CNC machines. After an extensive test period, we decided to go with Haris Digital.
Cs. Sz.Tier 2 Automotive Supplier Program Manager & Continuous Improvement Program Specialist
Tovább olvasom
We could not connect our unique, manually operated machines to the old MES system. Now we can, thanks to Haris Digital.”
Tamas KokaiiP3 Hungary Ltd. Chief Executive Officer
Tovább olvasom
Our injection moulding machines are quite well digitized. We know all about their performance, but we were blindfolded when we wanted to understand the outputs of our manual assembly stations. Haris Digital’s solution helps us a lot with this and in addition to that, it also operates perfectly with our TraQR® system. Great job guys! Thanks a lot!”

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