Try it, then scale it

Haris Digital gives you the power to immediately start monitoring your manufacturing machinery to get real-time data.

Our Pilot Pack comes with three easy-to-install, wireless sensors to help you get actionable insights. Digitize old machines or manual assembly stations and integrate those into your MES/SCADA/ERP system by using our API. If you want to scale up, you can add more sensors whenever you want.

No wires, no hassle, no limits.

Precise Data Collection

Our wireless Bluetooth sensors always provide accurate data based on your production.

Real-time Visualisation

Be always up-to-date about your manufacturing process with our real-time monitoring dashboard.

Process Optimization

We help you optimize your processes by analyzing your collected data and giving you actionable insights.

Scalable Wireless System

Our wireless system can be scaled without limits by increasing the number of sensors and gateways.

Historical Reports

You can generate reports based on your historical data with a click of a button.

Free Consulting Services

We provide free consulting services to help you make the first steps.


The cost-effective BLE sensors can be installed on any type of manufacturing device in just a few minutes. The sensors capture movements and vibrations without any wires.


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Dashboard and analytics

This is where you can monitor your manufacturing processes in real-time and get visualized reports on any custom time range. We help you fully customize the dashboard during the setup phase.


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Compatible API

Our software is capable to connect to other MES or legacy products through its API. Our highly trained support team is ready to help you.

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