Reduce production downtimes with a smart IIoT solution

How can a smart IIoT sensor boost production efficiency?

H.T.M. Zrt.’s philosophy is to measure everything, even parameters which are truly hard to measure. They didn’t have the right tools to do so. They were looking for a way to reduce downtimes and get a broad picture of their manufacturing processes. Haris Digital provided them a gamechanger solution to reach these goals in just a few days. H.T.M. has already installed Haris’s sensors on ten of their machines and the results are very promising.

The company – Thirst for improvement

H.T.M. Zrt. has been constantly growing for almost thirty years. Initially, they started out in a small workshop, now they’re a part of the HAIDLMAR GROUP. The company focuses on mould making, mould repair and contract manufacturing projects with outstanding quality.

The problem – Looking for an effective way to reduce downtimes

As a manufacturing company, H.T.M. Zrt. faced challenging issues like losing time when searching for proper cutting tools, assembling and measuring them or preparing and changing workpieces. The firm is currently using some built-in tools for data collection offered by machine manufacturers, but these didn’t provide a comprehensive picture of their complete manufacturing process. They needed a solution that could collect data from both older and brand-new machines regardless of their type. This way they could be more productive than doing manual data collection. Haris’s smart sensor technology is exactly what they were looking for: a flexible toolkit for production monitoring.

The goals – Improving and boosting production efficiency

The main goal of the company was to reduce the downtimes listed above. They started working with Haris Digital to find the weak spots of their production and possible ways to improve them. Several companies have already accomplished similar goals using Haris Digital’s solution. Now, they have a better understanding of their production processes and they can visualize the collected data.

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The solution – A production monitoring toolkit with endless possibilities

A few months ago, Haris Digital offered a great opportunity to H.T.M. Zrt. to install their smart sensors and OEE platform on their production floor for a trial period. H.T.M. Zrt. started out with ten CNC machining tools. Since the sensors measure vibration, professionals looked for the best measuring spots on the machines. Without dismantling the covers and mechanical parts of the machines, they installed the meters while they were working.

“One of the most important advantages of Haris Digital’s solution is that we did not need to dismantle the machines.” – Róbert Kozics, CTO, H.T.M. Zrt.

The results – It’s just the beginning

At this point, based on the collected data, it’s clear already that the measurements of the sensors and the built-in meters are the same. That is a good starting point for the extension of the application. Besides cutting, the company uses EDM technologies too. They are planning to extend the measurements to these machines by attaching the sensors to the pumps.

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