More than just an IoT sensor: a small gadget with tremendous possibilities

Many small and medium-sized companies face the same productivity issues caused by unpredictable downtimes or unused machine times. These seconds, minutes or sometimes even hours can add up to an enormous amount of wasted time. Fortunately, time is one of the factors that can be better managed at a company thanks to the fourth industrial revolution.

SRL Advantage’s goal is to help SMEs grow and perform better by finding their weaknesses and improve their key performance parameters. With Haris Digital on their side, the consulting company is now able to detect the issues and help solving the production problems.

Let’s find out more about SRL Advantage, a Hungarian consulting firm and their collaboration with Haris Digital.

About SRL Advantage

The micro-enterprise is a real family business ran by the Suri family that consults companies in various industries. They make a great team with a strong technological background and tons of experience in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering. They always look for real and applicable solutions, besides finding and analyzing the problematic points. SRL Advantage works together with the Association of the Digital Economy, called Sample Factories. This is a project dedicated to develop small and medium-sized companies by offering them special mentoring programs and case studies. Together, they’ve already developed detailed improvement plans for SME companies. Besides these projects, they coordinated a multinational factory installation in 2019.

Strong foundations, strong development

The collaboration of Haris Digital and SRL Advantage is not only fruitful for these two companies, but many others. Since SRL Advantage helps several firms making their day-to-day operations more effective, we’re talking about a win-win-win situation here. “Our aim is to help our clients with not only pointing out and analyzing their problems and weaknesses, but we look for a viable solution together. With our background and experience, we know where we to look when it comes to productivity, effectiveness or the optimization of production and manufacturing cycles. – says Vera Suri, consultant of the company. – We’re working on the improvement of our partner’s production, including optimization of cycle times or manufacturing processes.” – she adds.

Even if the consultants of the company have remarkable experience and knowledge, the team is constantly chasing new opportunities. “We’re driven by innovation, that‘s the reason why we’re eager to learn new things on a daily basis.” – mentions Suri Vera.

Small tool, great opportunities

Vera and János Suri met Haris Digital’s solution during a meeting with one of their partners. “We were amazed how unique the solution was and we saw a lot of potentials in it. Since we mainly work with small and medium-sized companies where the easy-to-install automation options are very valuable, seeing the sensor made us want to find out more. – tells Vera Suri about her first impressions of Haris’ product. – With this compact and portable solution, we can offer a better understanding of the production and processes of the factory to our clients. During a consultation, we can collect real-time data about the machines and provide an overview of the potential improvements.” – she says about Haris Digital’s sensor and the software behind it.

With Haris’ smart sensor and kit, numerous older and traditional machining tools can be integrated into the data collection. Based on the gathered information, the process optimization can begin, which leads to better results. The app gives the opportunity to any company to collect real-time data and improve its processes by perfecting production parameters: “This application doesn’t need any special devices, only the sensor and a smartphone or a tablet.” – adds Suri Vera.

This wireless solution opens a wide range of possibilities: “Our clients who connected the sensor to machining tools and nailer cranes reported development in different processes. The only challenge is to find the perfect measuring spot for the sensor, where we can filter out the movements of the machine from its vibration. After installing the sensor on the machine and finishing the calibration, the collected data can immediately be used for analysis.

Haris Digital’s solution is a perfect kick-start for any company that is open to try data collection and automation. With its versatile and flexible options, literally anybody can start doing process analysis and optimization anytime. It’s great for Haris to have SRL Advantage on their side, since they can help finding the perfect solution tailored to each company’s needs regarding automation, process improvements or general effectiveness in a factory.

If you are interested in Haris Digital’s solution and you would like to try a complex data collection method, do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our sensors and application!

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