At the gates of SMEs digitization

Goals aligned with EU commitments

Digitization, efficiency, production and industrialization. Some words that are not easy to connect to climate change and environmental protection. Even though a currently undergoing industrial revolution is a key factor in our planet’s future. After centuries of pollution and exploitation, our globe now is begging for some fresh air. That is why all the innovative and revolutionary solutions are very welcomed by governments and organizations like the European Union.

2050: The year

As a brave commitment, the European Union’s goal is to reach climate-neutrality by 2050. The new Climate Law (2020) declares the direction of the green growth strategy and sets the standards for a cleaner – and also greener – future. But why is this commitment so important for a startup? Because it is full of opportunities! Since limitations and regulations serve as a frame of the development process, the commitment opens doors to the future of industrialization.

Haris Digital – as a European startup company based in Hungary – is seeking new opportunities to help production plants work more efficiently. With a tiny, plug and play component, a whole production line can be managed differently. Using less materials, energy or manufacturing tools could make a huge impact on the environment. A boost of in efficiency could make the entire manufacturing facility greener as well.

Helping the management to find and improve the pain points of production is an alternative way to contribute to the fight against climate change.

Big steps for small companies

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) make up about 99% of companies in the European Union, employing two-thirds of workforce at the same time. Thus, they make a huge contribution to the economy of the continent. To compete with multinational companies, SMEs are trying to make their production even more efficient and faster. And due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the year 2020 proved that efficiency is a must.

Last year, the European Commission came up with a new strategic approach to help SMEs find a more innovative way to upgrade and level up their production. Digital Innovation Hubs, funds and advisors help this progress and inspire business owners along the way.

When it comes to efficiency on a low budget, Haris Digital’s smart solution steps on the stage. This affordable production monitoring system could be the first step on the path to digitize SMEs. Haris’ smart sensor can be easily and quickly self-installed, both on traditional production machines – such as a universal lathe – and brand-new CNC machines. After finding the best parameters to measure, the monitoring and analysis of the real-time data can begin right away.

Three, two, one… Innovate!

Innovation plays a crucial part in the manufacturing industry. The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is eager to find the best startups driving this type of innovation.

Companies providing digitization services offer scalable, efficient and specialized solutions. The idea behind Haris Digital’s smart monitoring system is to give a universal tool for the start. Like having our first pair of running shoes: it gives inspiration to learn, opportunity to improve and confidence to grow.

Our intention was not to reinvent industrial digitization and sensor-based analytics, but to offer a basic, affordable and straightforward tool for everyone. With our universal and easy-to-install solution we would like to give our customers a clear picture of their production and an overview of the pain-points they could improve. Working both with SMEs and multinational companies, we realized that there is room for improvement in every corner: production sites can be greener and more efficient.

Thus, the question is not what, but when. And the clock is ticking: we only have 30 years left for the big day. It is time to take the first steps towards digitization and build a sustainable future for the industry.

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