Data-based decision making: an opportunity to reduce workplace stress in factories

There are several ways to support decision making processes on management levels in a manufacturing facility. One of the best ways to do so is by collecting production data from machines. Not only better choices can be made based on them, but in consequence, increased efficiency can lead to reduced stress levels at the workplace. […]

Reduce production downtimes with a smart IIoT solution

How can a smart IIoT sensor boost production efficiency? H.T.M. Zrt.’s philosophy is to measure everything, even parameters which are truly hard to measure. They didn’t have the right tools to do so. They were looking for a way to reduce downtimes and get a broad picture of their manufacturing processes. Haris Digital provided them […]

At the gates of SMEs digitization

Goals aligned with EU commitments Digitization, efficiency, production and industrialization. Some words that are not easy to connect to climate change and environmental protection. Even though a currently undergoing industrial revolution is a key factor in our planet’s future. After centuries of pollution and exploitation, our globe now is begging for some fresh air. That […]

A more efficient way of high mix low volume production

LEAX Group Zrt. is a medium-sized company in Mezőkövesd, not far from the economic and industrial center of Hungary, Budapest. The production plant is a member of the multinational firm, LEAX Group and specialized on low volume-high mix production. The core competencies are CNC machining and assembly. The company works with a wide range of […]

More than just an IoT sensor: a small gadget with tremendous possibilities

Many small and medium-sized companies face the same productivity issues caused by unpredictable downtimes or unused machine times. These seconds, minutes or sometimes even hours can add up to an enormous amount of wasted time. Fortunately, time is one of the factors that can be better managed at a company thanks to the fourth industrial […]

ASBrake industry 4.0 case study

How does digitalization work at a smaller company when the owners are on a low budget but not just the costs count? With a touch of Industry 4.0 and an innovative solution, ASBrake is getting on the track of data-driven production.   Haris × ASBrake  In the gate of Industry 4.0 Using the power of digitalization and Industry 4.0 is […]

3+1 cost-effective IIoT solutions for your SME company

IIoT isn’t just a fancy abbreviation. It’s something we cannot ignore in business – especially when we’re seeking success. Now we share some cost-effective IIoT solutions to help you get to the next level, because it really does not have to be expensive. You’re welcome. After all the industrial revolutions we had, we are in another in the last few years. With the well-known […]