No for “no carbon”, pardon.

Yesterday EU leaders could not get on agreement on carbon-neutral climate target. Quite sad. Probably we can’t change that decision from here but we can just keep walking, biking to the office, keep selecting our little waste there and work even harder to help manufacturing sites improving their efficiency, thus decreasing their environmental footprint dramatically. […]

Why and how should an industrial SME “go digital” in the CEE region?

An impressive start: consider the issue of industrial digitalization as it was with the electricity in the beginning of the past century. Today this is common to everyone and we only recognize it – when we don’t have it. It should be the same for the manufacturing industry in the near future, all the stuff […]

Hello from Berlin!

András is just reporting from the Industry of Things Word conference in Berlin, where we all remember there has been once a wall. That one was demolished by the brave democratic powers. I am certain the experiences he is collecting there will further help us demolishing the wall that is currently standing between the wealthy […]

Your vote helps us democratising industry 4.0.

We are proud to be nominated in the national final of Central European Startup Awards in the Best IoT Start-up Category. We are competing with other two great companies there. If you like what we do to make industry 4.0 affordable for SMEs please vote for us here ; PS: If you are voting […]

We are rockstars

Ok – maybe we aren’t but surely closed an exciting and successful week in the 61. International Engineering Fair in Brno.   Look forward working with our new Czech and Slovakian customers and partners democratizing the fourth industrial revolution.